White Hart Lane the sequel opens and there’s a Century of song for Mike Dean

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There are noise complaints for Spurs, partly because of Mr Go Compare at the launch of the brand new Tottenham stadium. But are they really the greatest team the world have ever seen? Or just the best sound system you ever heard? It should be for a billion quid. And Mike Dean has been stealing the limelight again, making it 100 red cards with Ashley Young. But we were disappointed he didn’t celebrate with a special shirt or post-match interview. So we wrote him a song….


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This episode also features vocals from Alex Whiteley

The theme tune is written and performed by Katalina Kicks and appears with their kind permission.

Other music in this episode is produced in house or appears under creative commons license 1.0 including the Final Can Can section from the overture to Jacques Offenbach’s opera Orpheus in the Underworld via Musopen.

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